Summer 2022: Musical Friendships

Some friendships take strange paths. The two compositions of the summer tour represent the beginning of a dazzling friendship between the young, impetuous Gustav Mahler and the Nordic reserved, highly respected Johannes Brahms. Both works are written almost simultaneously and shortly before their composers find each other.


Johannes Brahms: Double Concerto for Violin and Violoncello in A Minor op. 102

Gustav Mahler: Sinfonie Nr. 1


National Youth Orchestra of Germany

Antje Weithaas (Violin)

Maximilian Hornung (Violoncello)

Marc Albrecht (Conductor)


5 August: Stolpe an der Peene ­– Haferscheune des Gutshauses

6 August: Berlin ­– Konzerthaus

7 August: Oelde ­– Sparkassen-Waldbühne

9 August: Osnabrück ­– Campus St. Angela

11 August: Oberstdorf – Saal Nebelhorn

13 August: Kassel – Kongress-Palais

Berlin Philharmoniker Bundesministerium Wdr3 Daimler DOV GVL Freude.