War Requiem

The school project to "War Requiem": The Bundesjugendorchester conducted by Thomas Neuhoff and Daniel Spaw performed Benjamin Britten's "War Requiem" together with the choir of the Bach-Verein Cologne and with artists and ensembles from Belgium, France, Poland and the USA.

Soloists: Banu Böke (soprano) | James Gilchrist (tenor) | Erik Sohn (baritone)
Ensembles: Choir of Bach-Vereins Cologne | Polski Narodowy Chór Młodzieżowy (Polish National Youth Choir) | Coventry Cathedral Girls’ Choir (England) | Knabenchor "Les Pastoureaux" (Belgium) | Youth Choir of Lukaskirche Bonn | Members of Orchestre Français des Jeunes (France) | National Youth Orchestra of Germany

Berlin Philharmoniker Bundesministerium Wdr3 Daimler DOV GVL Freude.