Exemplary Support for Young Talent

Guiding Principles

The BJO (Bundesjugendorchester) is the national youth orchestra of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The BJO supports talented young musicians and sets new standards for the training of orchestral musicians.

The BJO is supported by the German Music Council and is an ambassador for German musical culture throughout the world.

The members of the BJO are Germany’s finest young musicians between the ages of 14 and 19.

Goals and Identity

The BJO represents an open and intensive engagement with the great tradition of Western music, particularly orchestral music – conscious of the past, yet looking to the future.

As an orchestra for young people, the BJO is a model for continually changing expectations, standards, mentalities, identities, values, and goals. These changes are part of a larger context of social transformation that has led to a re-evaluation of many cultural values and institutions.

We therefore see the National Youth Orchestra of Germany as an example of a primarily collective encounter with music, one that enables and encourages not only individual growth and confidence, but an expansion of artistic and societal horizons as well.

The orchestra’s goal is to release and develop the creative potential of these young artists through specific working situations and critical reflection, with an eye to a future musical environment where the traditions of symphonic music and collective performance can no longer be taken for granted.

The BJO should be an example of a music education program dedicated to instilling in young people an awareness of the values underlying our cultural tradition, whose transmission to future generations is of the utmost significance to society.


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