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With the generous assistance of our donors and friends, the National Youth Orchestra of Germany is able to open new artistic horizons for talented young musicians and prepare them for professional careers in music. This is a huge responsibility. Every year three conductors, 20 teachers, 200 instruments, and more than 5,000 meals are necessary to make these dreams come true.

With a Little Help From Our Friends

The National Youth Orchestra of Germany was an important stage in the musical development of international stars such as Reinhold Friedrich, Sabine Meyer, Christian Tetzlaff, and Tabea Zimmermann. Today, these artists continue to support the orchestra in the Advisory Board of the Friends of the German National Youth Orchestra. You are cordially invited to join them by also becoming a friend of the orchestra!

Becoming a Friend

We appreciate your interest in supporting the National Youth Orchestra of Germany with a donation, no matter how large or small.

Your Options

With your donation, you automatically become a member of the Friends of the National Youth Orchestra of Germany, and your name will be listed (if you wish) in our tour programs. You are also welcome to join us during one of our rehearsal periods – in Schloss Weikersheim or on Lake Blossin, for example – or to visit our offices in Bonn’s “House of Culture”, where we will be happy to show you the projects we are preparing. You will also receive a personal announcement of all our concerts and have the opportunity to reserve tickets.

Donations of More Than 150 Euros

Those donating more than 150 Euros will receive all the benefits listed above. In addition, to express our gratitude we will also keep you informed about our concert tours and future projects. We will send you our latest CD recordings as soon as they are released, and you will have the opportunity to reserve free tickets to all of the orchestra’s concerts.  

Current Donators

Verena und Gero Arndt, Claudia Bantlin, Julia Barthruff, Bruno und Margret Behn, Dr. Frank Harald Beyrich, Klaus und Hannelore Börger, Erhard Buntrock, Barbara Burgdorf, Prof. Dr. Andreas Eckhardt, Dr. Konrad und Heidi Eheleben, Wolf und Pascale Engelbach, Jutta Freifrau von Falkenhausen, Reinhold und Brigitte Feldmann, Andreas Finke, Detlev von Gagern, Prof. Axel Gerhardt, Andreas und Heidrun Goerlich, Dr. Cornelius Grossmann, Dr. Johannes und Ulrike Grossmann, Dr. Eckhart von Hahn, Klaus Heiliger, Dr. Hans Ulrich Hennecke, Thomas Höfs, Wolfgang Jellinek, Dr. Alexander Jüngling, Gerhard Kammerer, Dr. Gerfried Kienholz, Elke und Uwe Kiesewetter, Dr. Matthias Kleinert, Prof. Ulrich Knörzer, Ginette Kostenbader, Heinz Kulle, Patrick Lange, Dieter Läßle, Prof. Reinhard Latzko, Dr. Cornelius Laubscher, Peter Lauer, Gerd Leiprecht, Dr. Andreas und Marianne Lentz, Barbara und Norbert Loos, Prof. Nikolaus Maler, Klaudia Metzner, Isa Müller-Rodewald, Dominik Nägele, Julia von Niswandt, Jürgen Normann, Raimar Orlovsky, Burkhard und Cornelia Plath, Manuel Rettich, Ute und Albrecht Reustle, Thomas Rietschel, Nikolaus Römisch, Beatrix und Dr. Theobald Rommel, Karla Schilde, Ilse-Maria Schlechtinger, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schlottmann, Pamela und Philipp Scholz, Katja Schrader, Joachim Schwarz, Stefan Schweigert, Ulrich Seitz, Dorothea und Günther Seliger-Stiftung, Prof. Nabil Shehata, Prof. Martin Spangenberg, Freya Stachetzki, Katrin Stüble, Dr. Jörg Thierfelder, Georg Friedrich Thoma, Hans Timm, Ingeborg Wellstein-Brenner, Dr. Claudia Wemker, Prof. Ehrhard Wetz, Prof. Tabea Zimmermann, Dr. Manfred Zobel

... as well as numerous other donors who do not wish to be named here.

Status: 07. Dezember 2022

If you have already donated and do not find your name in our list, please feel free to contact us.

Contact Information for your Donation

To make a donation, simply fill out the Download-Form.

You may also donate by bank transfer directly:

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IBAN: DE26370501980007525207
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Payment Reference: Spende BJO


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