The Berlin Philharmonic


    In the guest book of the German National Youth Orchestra, Sir Simon Rattle wrote, “You are sensationally good! I love you guys!” There is a deep sense of friendship between the youth orchestra and the Berlin Philharmonic, especially since the signing of a partnership agreement in 2013.

    Sidy by Side

    The Easter Festival in Baden-Baden, organized by the Berlin Philharmonic since 2013, has always included the Philharmonic’s partner, the German National Youth Orchestra (BJO). Every year, members of the Philharmonic and the BJO perform side by side on stage, conducted by Sir Simon Rattle. Everyone in the audience can feel the extraordinary energy emanating from this collaboration between the promising young talents and their seasoned professional idols. Both orchestras profit from the partnership. For the BJO, it is not only a great honor, but also a motivation for the orchestra and an endorsement of its work. For the Berlin Philharmonic, the partnership is an opportunity to actively support the next musical generation, whether as orchestral performers or future audience members. Since the members of the German National Youth Orchestra serve as role models for other young players, the partnership also has a motivating effect on aspiring musicians throughout Germany.

    Wide-Ranging Support Activities

    The Berlin Philharmonic supports the German National Youth Orchestra by paying teachers’ fees, providing instruments and transport equipment, and regularly inviting the BJO to Berlin for concerts that are broadcast live as part of the Philharmonic’s “Digital Concert Hall”. The young musicians are also included in educational projects, a mentoring program, and side-by-side concerts featuring both orchestras. Members of the Berlin Philharmonic teach master classes in Baden-Baden for the BJO players, who are also encouraged to visit Philharmonic rehearsals and apply for scholarships to the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra Academy.

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