Healthy Music Making

The BJO attempts not only to teach its members how to play Strauss, Mozart, or Rachmaninoff, but also to prepare them for the working life of a professional musician. This involves making them aware of their own fitness and health.

Aches and pains while playing are familiar to many professional performers. These may be caused by technical problems with the instrument, improper posture, fatigue, stress, or stage fright. The results, including muscle strains, cramps, or even burnout, can be devastating. With health and fitness courses designed for musicians, the orchestra works to protect our players from these occupational hazards.

Warm-up Exercises and Relaxation Techniques

During the work periods, the players take part in special warm-up exercises that stimulate the muscles, breathing, and circulation. They also learn mental relaxation techniques to help cope with stage fright, since their early experiences have a significant effect on their later careers as performers. These training courses for health and fitness enable the young musicians to make music with joy and satisfaction by learning to work physically in a healthy manner.

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