Visionary and Energetic


“I think you’re crazy, but let’s do it!” – These words from conductor Volker Wangenheim to the visionary Peter Koch led to the founding of the German National Youth Orchestra in 1969. More than fifty years have passed since then, but the orchestra’s management remains refreshingly unconventional.


Since 2004, Sönke Lentz, the orchestra’s General Manager, has made the impossible possible, arranging foreign tours, visa applications, harp transports, crossover projects, last-minute funding, or publicity brochures in three languages. Working with him are Elena Hestermann and Anniak Meier, Sabine Siemon and Yannick Dietrich, as well as two volunteer apprentices. As part of the German Music Council, their offices are in the Council’s “House of Culture” in Bonn.

Orchestra Management

Sönke Lentz | General Manager
Elena Hestermann | tour management
Annika Meier | orchestra management
Sabine Siemon | public relations
Yannick Dietrich | public relations (Annette Börger on parental leave)
Selina Philippi | volunteer apprentices
Konstantin Reischert | volunteer apprentices

Orchestra Committee

Arrius Wagner | percussion
Jonas Beckmann | bassonn
Franziska Pollmann | trombone
Lisa Rauchbach | violine
Maximilian Beer | violine

Orchestra Mascot


Linie danach



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