Hendrik Hofmeyr: "Three African Songs" (World Premiere)

In 2019, the National Youth Orchestra of Germany (BJO) celebrated its 50th anniversary. For many years, the connection between Germany's national youth orchestra and South Africa has been close. With a concert at Young Euro Classic in summer 2019, the young German talents were at the beginning of their major tour abroad to South Africa. This also explained the unusual focus of the concert programme. In the Konzerthaus Berlin, for example, there was a world premiere of "Three African Songs", which Hendrik Hofmeyr, who comes from Cape Town, composed especially for the BJO tour.


National Youth Orchestra of Germany
Msaki, Vocals
Alexander Shelley, Conductor

Excerpt from the live broadcast of 03.08.2019 from the Konzerthaus Berlin as part of the Young Euro Classic Festival. (A production of ARTE Concert and EuroArts © 2019)

Berlin Philharmoniker Bundesministerium Wdr3 Daimler DOV GVL Freude.