Indian & German classical musicians jam together – Documentary

The Campus Project, an annual cooperation between Deutsche Welle and the Beethovenfest Bonn, has been bringing talented young musicians together for almost two decades. In 2018, the Western musical universe met the Indian one, starting with a workshop of ten young musicians from the National Youth Orchestra of Germany and Mumbai (India). In this almost year-long project, the young musicians from Germany and India set out to find common ground. Their ambitious goal: to create a productive dialogue between traditional Indian and European classical music. A journey with an astonishing crescendo – and unforeseen musical adventures along the way.



The documentary was produced as part of the Campus Project 2018, in cooperation with Deutsche Welle and the Beethovenfest Bonn. (A production of © 2018 Deutsche Welle)

Berlin Philharmoniker Bundesministerium Wdr3 Daimler DOV GVL Freude.