Maintaining Old Ties


    There are more than 4.000 former members of the German National Youth Orchestra, and according to a recent study, approximately 80 percent have become professional musicians. As soloists and members of orchestras in Germany and abroad, they perform throughout the world. Here you will find a list of the alumni.

    Staying in Touch with Old Friends

    Many of our former members have stayed in touch with the orchestra and are members of our sponsoring organization, Friends of the German National Youth Orchestra. It is always a pleasure when the orchestra has a chance to get together with old friends like:

    Christian Tetzlaff

    The world-famous violinist Christian Tetzlaff was a member of the BJO from 1979–1983 (work periods 29–40) and has returned many times to perform as a soloist with his old orchestra – and to write enthusiastic notes in the guest book!


    Tim Witt

    The former BJO percussionist is now a pilot with Lufthansa. In 2015, he flew the plane that took his old orchestra from China back to Frankfurt. Before the flight, he and his crew visited the BJO for the last concert of the China tour, and Tim even played triangle in the encore.


    Dr. Alexander Jüngling

    A BJO member from 1987–1990 (work periods 52–60), Alexander Jüngling is now a distinguished lawyer. A founding member of the German National Youth Orchestra Foundation, he has since 2011 worked to ensure the permanent security and advancement of the orchestra.


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